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Is it really profitable the establishment of an Aviation Maintenance facility in Greece?

It is a fact that many sectors of the Greek economy are in the middle of a deep crisis.

Maybe "many" but still not all.

The Aviation sector is definately an exception for a number of reasons.

According to Greek CAA statistics regarding the flights at Greek airports, the number was increased by 4.7% and amounted to 257,278 flights. The 111,211 were domestic flights – an increase of 3.8%, while the international amounted to 146,067 – an increase of 5.3%. During the same period of 2015, there were 245,815 flights.

All this traffic leads inevitably to a necessity of line stations that may cover all needs of maintenance.

The traffic growth in the main airports of Athens, Heraklion, Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Corfu as well as the develpment of 14 regional airports reveal a great opportunity for a profitable investment.

Although bureaucracy in Greece is a considerable obstacle, it is time that companies activating in the aviation sector in Greece might seriously think the sollution of establishing their own branch of line maintainance facilities in any main or regional airport in Greece.

The area is right and safe as Greece will always be a tourist attraction area. The time is also right for an investment as the "ground" is yet definately pure and there are still opportunities for expansion in a profitable environment before others may cover the growing needs.

Experienced greek lawyers can successfully set up and establish a branch of line maintainance facility.

Our law office is specialized in supporting, consulting (taxation, lease agreements with A.Ι.Α, insurance concerns, facilities & vehicles rental etc) and representing local and also global aviation industry, offering a wide range of legal services regarding the foundation and formation of a branch in Greece as well as Aircrafts Line Maintenance stations in Greece.

All the above clues lead to one conclusion :

The place and the time is right for a profitable investment in a line maintainance station in Greece.


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