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Acquiring an operating aviation license in Greece.

There are 45 airports in Greece which are further divided in three main subcategories : International (15), national (26) and municipal (4) airports. Only the Athens Airport is operated by a separate entity (Athens International SA).

All airports are regulated by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) which is a Civil Service under the Ministry for Infrastructure Transport and Networks, directed by its Governor and Deputy Governors. Its mission is the organization, development and control of the country`s air transport infrastructure, as well as the study and laying of proposals to the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks concerning the overall policy formulation in air transport.

The H.C.A.A. is the body responsible for the handling and development of air transport inside the country and abroad. This also includes the development of international aviation relations, participation in international Organizations, the organization of the Hellenic Air Space and the exercise of Air Traffic Control. H.C.A.A. also controls the flights of the aircrafts in the (national) Greek airspace, under the direction of the Greek Government, supervises the application of safety rules in the airspace, inspects aircrafts and civil aviation crew suitability and grants the relevant certificates (to pilots of aircrafts and helicopters and crew). The H.C.A.A. is appointed by the Hellenic Republic in order to grant flight licenses.

The H.C.A.A also determines the charges for landing and parking at the airports annually. The basis for cost calculation is the out-weight of aircrafts in conjunction with whether the aircrafts have an EU Member State certificate or one from a third country.

There are a series of certificates, licenses and approvals that have to be submitted along with a written application to the H.C.A.A such as:

  1. Written approval of the base airport.

  2. Certificates of noise (where applicable).

  3. Approval of the lease of aircraft.

  4. Flight capability license.

  5. Registration.

  6. Licensing of aircraft’s station.

The H.C.A.A. is obliged to notify the applicant in writing within twenty days of the filing of the application. The applicant must submit the requested documents within 30 days and then will examine the documentation. The final answer from the H.C.A.A. must be communicated to the applicant within 120 days following the submission of all documents.

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