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Integrity & Commitment 

to Client Service. 


The focus of all our activities is the client, whether a legal entity or a private individual.


We advise and act for our clients on a personal basis, always seeking solutions and always aware of the importance of cost.


With over of 20 years of legal experience and litigation in civil, criminal and  administrative courts, we represent local and also international clients, offering a wide range of legal services in Greece.


Whether a small business in Greece or a diversified multinational corporation, each of our clients represents an important relationship to which we dedicate our best resources, attention and service.


We realise that different clients have different legal needs and business objectives. The clients we serve understand that we do not provide standard answers to unique client issues.


When clients require assistance in more than one area of the law, we provide an interdepartmental team with specialist skills and administrative support staff to meet the most demanding of client issues.


Certain clients may have objectives that are not clearly defined. For these clients, we call upon our legal expertise and our business acumen to fully define those issues at the heart of the client matter.


At the center of the services we provide, are the clients we serve.


With responsibility and flexibility.

" The forms of Virtue are justice, courage, temperance, magnificence, magnanimity, liberality, gentleness, prudence, wisdom. " 



(Rhetoric 1366b1)

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