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Main Law Office: 4, Sofokleous Street| Athens Center
City Suburbs Law Office : 18, Arkadias Street| Gerakas | Central Square.



Aviation law is the branch of law that concerns flight, air travel, and associated legal and business concerns. Due to the nature of air travel aviation law is considered a matter of international law.  

The aviation industry is constantly changing and novel issues regularly arise. The international nature of aviation means that when disputes arise, they tend to be cross-border. Varying business cultures, legal frameworks and business practices can make the resolution of disputes time-consuming and potentially very costly.

Legal Area

Legal Area

ECONOMOU practices in a very specialized legal area and is focused on providing legal representation and solutions to the aviation sector. 


We counsel clients on legal issues related to air travel, its related business regulation and operation and nearly all laws related or connected to all manner of aircraft operation and maintenance. 


We have experience in supporting, advising and representing local and also global aviation industry, offering a wide range of legal services regarding all claims which may arise from all activities related to Airline Companies and the operation of Aircrafts.


We provide legal advice and services to :

  • Airlines

  • Ground handling companies

  • Aviation service providers and 

  • Tour operators 

ECONOMOU  is included in the updated list of the Greek Lawyers recommended by the British Embassy in Athens (Commercial Section).


This (on demand) list of the British Embassy's commercial section is available to any company or individual, who is seeking a recommended lawyer in Greece.

Areas of Specialization

Areas of specialization include :

  • Agreements for Aircraft maintenance.

  • Foundation and formation of Line Maintenance stations in Greece (coordination between Costumer, Civil Aviation Authorities (YPA), Ministry, Public Services and Airport (AIA). 

  • Foundation and formation of a branch for airlines or ground handling companies.

  • Branch establishment (including Preparation and submission of files to Civil Aviation Authorities. Legal representation and consulting, taxation issues, lease agreements with A.Ι.Α, insurance concerns, facilities & vehicles rental etc). 

  • Contractual disputes and Support (Agreements for aircraft maintenance and facilities  between costumer and airport).

  • Aviation Finance. 

  • Consulting (advice of the local legal system). 

  • Aviation liability claims.

  • Legal support.  

  • Personal injury and cargo disputes.

  • Debt collections 

  • Aviation Brokering.

  • Personal injury and cargo disputes  (delay, loss, damage or delay to baggage).

We are on hand to provide cost-effective assistance aligned to the client's commercial objectives and protection of its business.


We can advise on just about every agreement, transaction, regulatory issue or type of dispute that the industry presents. Our aviation clients also turn to us for support on corporate transactions, employment, tax and intellectual property issues. 

Our significant clients 

Our significant clients include :


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